University Grants Commission


Only for Universities/Colleges/Institutions

(This form is not for students. This is for authorised staff of a Universities/Colleges/Institutes.)

Points to Remember

  • This Form is not an UNDERTAKING FORM that can be filled by anyone.
  • This is a Universities/Colleges/Institutes COMPLIANCE FORM that should be filled by the only official and authorised staff of Universities/Colleges/Institutes.
  • Whether you are Standalone Universities/Colleges/Institutes, You have to fill this COMPLIANCE FORM every year to declare that you are aware of ragging and applied every important steps to make your campus ragging free.

By selecting the college field from below, you are accepting that your are an AUTHORISED PERSON from Universities/Colleges/Institutes and You have been granted to fill the COMPLIANCE FORM for the respective Universities/Colleges/Institutes.

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